Saturday, December 12, 2015

If you are reading this...

Chair Column Gina Malczewski, Chair, Midland Section ACS

George Bernard Shaw once said, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."  Every month Steve and/or Vickie (thank you both!) spend valuable time and effort putting together a great tool--this newsletter.  And yet, as has been shown time and again in meetings large and small, not many are staying current by reading it. 

So, if you are reading this...wonderful!  Keep it up!  If you have just happened to catch this issue, please make it a habit.  If you know someone who doesn't read this, tell them to START HERE-this is where you can get accurate information about what's happening and what's not.  And if you know someone who isn't RECEIVING this due to a bad email or other issue, please have them get in touch with us. 

To those non-members who are among our readers, we welcome you and hope you continue to participate in our activities.  

...and to all readers of this issue, happy holidays and best wishes for the future.  As I leave my post as Chair, I look back at a busy and challenging year, and hope you can remember something that was done that made you proud, something that educated you, or something that encouraged you to participate.  I look ahead to lots of work as I continue in Outreach and work on preparations for our centennial in 2019.  Thanks also to all the Board and committee chairs/members who have worked hard at the varied and numerous things we do. 

Please stay informed--knowledgeable and involved members and partners are our greatest assets.